About the Symposium

Bedford Falls Communications

Bedford Falls Communications, Inc is a diversified publishing company focused on trade, association and custom magazines for corporate clients. It was founded by John Aufderhaar in 2003, built on the fanatical dedication to know and understand the industries and the customers Bedford Falls is privileged to serve while remaining passionately curious to lead us down new paths. The company has focused on the decorative surfaces, panel products and panel processing industries. In working with the leaders of these industries, opportunities have emerged to serve parallel trades including the paper and solid wood products industry. Additional larger projects, such as conferences and research labs, have materialized in an effort to stay on the leading edge of product design and innovation, while educating the specifiers of these industries: the architects, interior designers and fabricators.  Our mission is to always exceed our customer's expectations in unique and surprising ways.

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The Symposium

The Surface & Panel Symposium is an extension of Surface & Panel Magazine. It is a stimulating, high-energy event showcasing the latest in surface products, trends, and technologies from the materials, technology, and design industry. The Symposium seeks to connect architects, interior designers, fabricators, and other design specialists with material specifiers and producers for a better understanding of the industry and the innovative technologies driving it.